About OMS Group


OMS S.p.A., Italy, specialises in stand-alone and integrated end-of-line packaging systems and solutions including strapping, stretch and hooding equipment.

OMS packaging equipment and end-of-line systems are used worldwide across a range of industries including building products, cans and bottles, corrugated and paper, food and beverage, timber, hay baling, etc.

Established in 1949, and based near Milan, Italy, OMS S.p.A. has a long-established tradition of designing and manufacturing world class strapping, wrapping and hooding systems for end-of-line packaging of palletised products for all market sectors. Since its inception, OMS has grown in size in Italy and worldwide, with OMS being represented directly in more than 20 countries. OMS are recognised leaders in the packaging industry, with innovations such as the first strapping head, model R10, which was released in 1980; the TR14 strapping head, released in 1992; the AT53 thermoshrink hooding machine, released in 2000; the IS43 stretch hooding machine, released in 2006; and the newer high-yield IS46 thermoshrink hooding machine, which was released in 2014. OMS continues to design and develop new and exciting packaging equipment that paves the way in innovation among its peers.