06RP Horizontal Strapping


  • Strap type: polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET)
  • Sealing type: thermal welding
  • Compatible Strapping Heads: TR14 / TR14HD / TR18 / TR19 HT
  • Power supply voltage 400/415 V three-phase 50 Hz
  • Compressed air pressure: min 3 bar
  • Standard arch size 800 x 1000 mm; 800 x 1200 mm


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Horizontal Strapping Machine

The horizontal automatic strapping machine 06RP. Makes packing packages completely automatic with the possibility of performing one or more bonds with thermosetting polyester or polypropylene straps.

It can be plugged into fully automatic lines where it exchanges signals with devices upstream and downstream, or can operate independently.

The machine is made up of a robust structure in welded steel sections, which supports all the parts forming the entire strapping machine:

TR Series strapping head (our international patent) placed side by side with respect to the direction of the product’s launch automatically performs the launch, recovery, tension, welding and cutting operations.

The strapping arch around the pack with a separate multi-segment release device, which ensures the perfect centering of the strap around the package.

Compensation and restraining device. This is accomplished by means of the compensating transverse displacement of the entire welding head during the tensioning phase. This ensures the uniformity of the shot on each side of the pack.

Rear-end feeder unit with snap-on drive levers for picking it up with anti-tear and electromagnetic brake release system.

Electric panel for the complete operation of the machine in automatic, equipped with all manual operation commands.


The machine is equipped with all on-board (electric and pneumatic) systems and is painted in all its parts.

The strapping head (patent name) is extremely robust and compact, and includes all the features to perform a proper binding cycle. The motorization system is patented and studied to ensure the rationality of mechanical action at various stages of the cycle.