06C-06CL Horizontal Strapping

  • Strap Type: polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET)
  • Sealing type: Thermoelectric welding
  • Compatible strapping heads: TR14 / TR14HD / TR18 / TR19 HT
  • Power Supply: 400/415 V three-phase 50 Hz
  • Compressed air pressure: min 3 bar
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Horizontal Strapping Machine with Compactor

The 06C horizontal strapping machine allows for the completely automatic packaging of packs. It is possible to undertake one or more strapping operations using polyester of heat-sealed polypropylene strap.

The machine consists of a sturdy structure made of arc-welded steel profiles, which support the strapping machine components:

  • TR head (our own international patent): located to the side of the product’s direction of travel, the TR strapping head automatically carries out all strap feeding, recovery, tensioning, welding and cutting operations.
  • Strap channel: made of a unique low friction, wear-resistant material, and features a special releasing device with multiple independent segments to ensure perfect strap centring around the pack.
  • Head compensation device: the entire welding head undergoes a cross displacement motion during the tensioning phase, which ensures a uniform pull on all sides of the pack. The head moves through the use of bearings, which slide on treated guides.
  • Strap feeding unit with coil holders: collects the strap through an anti-tear unwinding system and electromagnetic brake.
  • Electrical board for the complete automatic function of the machine, complete with controls for manual operations.
  • Pneumatic squaring-alignment device fitted to the moving arch: acts on the four sides of the package before each strapping, with an adjustable maximum clamping strength of 300kg. The floating system allows the squaring and the strapping of loads not perfectly centred under the horizontal strapping area.
  • The machine comes complete with all onboard installations (electrical and pneumatic) and is completely painted.


Applications: Ceramic, Construction, Glass