Max. tension force: 9000 N – 15000 N 6 bar – 87 psi
Tensioning speed: 4,5 mt/m @ 9000 N – 4 mt/m @ 15000 N
Sealing: Seal double notches
Joint strength: 80% of breaking strength

Pressure range: 5.5 – 7 bar / 78 – 99 psi
Air consumption: 12 L/s – 25cuft/min

Length: 430 mm – 16.9”
Width: 260 mm – 10.2”
Height: 310 mm – 12.2”
Weight: 11.3 kgs – 25 lbs


Pneumatic Steel Strapping Tool with Seal Joint

The OMS 51 pneumatic steel strapping tool with seal joint is suitable for use with 19mm, 25mm and 32mm steel strapping, and is capable of pulling up to 9000N.
The OMS 51 pneumatic steel tensioning tool, for use with steel strapping, is light-weight yet powerful; is easy to operate and maintain; and is suitable for use in most strapping applications.
The OMS 51 pneumatic steel strapping tool is designed to be used with 19-32mm x 0.6-1.0mm standard steel strapping, and 19-32mm x 0.63-0.8mm high tensile steel strapping. It weighs just 12kg, is capable of pulling up to 9000N tension, and has a tensioning speed of 6m/min. This revolutionary new steel strapping tool cuts the strapping right at the edge of the seal, eliminating potentially hazardous sharp steel strapping edges.