Max. tension force: 2500 N – 6.5 bar- 92psi (variable with friction)
Tensioning speed: 11 mt/m
Sealing: Vibration sealing
Joint strength: 80% of breaking strength

Pressure range: 4.5 -7 bar / 64–99 psi
Air consumption: 14 L/s – 29 cuft/min

Length: 280mm
Width: 150 mm
Height: 175 mm
Weight: 4.9 Kgs


Pneumatic Plastic Strapping Tool with Vibration Sealing

The OMS10 pneumatic plastic strapping tool with vibration sealing is suitable for use with 13mm and 16-19mm PP and PET plastic strapping, and is capable of pulling up to 3500N tension. The addition of a cooling welding time indicator makes the OMS11 pneumatic plastic strapping tool an attractive option for a wide variety of manufacturing companies using plastic strapping that require a strapping tool powerful enough to be used in most strapping applications. The OMS11 pneumatic plastic strapping tool is also easy to operate and maintain.