AT530 Thermoshrink Hooding

  • Film type – Polyethylene Thermo
  • Thickness – 80-160 micron
  • Coil diameter max. 1000mm
  • Coil max. weight 1000kg
  • Gas Type: Propane, Methane
  • Gas Pressure: 200 mbar
  • Air pressure – 6bar



AT530 Duo Glass

Thermoshrinking Hooding machine


The AT530 automatic hooding machine is a combined automatic machine which uses a single work station to shrink hood the products to be packaged.  Especially designed for the hollow glass industry, the machine uses coils of tubular thermoshrinking film with side gussets. The coils can be 1, 2 or 3 depending on the chosen version.
The film is shrunk on the product by a ring electrically powered. All use and maintenance automatic and manual functions are controlled by a PLC.
The operator needs to be present only to change the film coil even though it is advisable that he also be present to check that the product to be wrapped enters the machine correctly.

Applications: Glass